Firmware v4.4.14.10100 is released!

10 Jun 2018, modified at 08 Mar 2019

We just released a new firmware. It fixes some bugs for some Sony Cameras and Nikon Cameras.

Download v4.4.14.10100

How to upgrade:

  • 1. Prepare a micro SD/TF card or USB drive and format it to FAT32 file system.
  • 2. Download the firmware to local. Rename it to Qisi_FW.bin and copy to the formatted micro SD card or USB drive.
  • 3. Insert micro SD card or USB drive to Aurga.
  • 4. Power off the Dock. Then press the power button on Aurga for 5 times quickly.
    (Alternative method: Use a pin to stick into the small hole on the right of Aurga, then power on the Dock. After about 5 seconds, if the Aurga enters upgrading mode, release the pin.)
  • 5. The two LEDs on Aurga should work like this:
    • a) The Wi-Fi LED and Bridging LED turn on and Wi-Fi LED turns off
    • b) The Aurga loads firmware data, and it begins to upgrade. The two LEDs blinks simutaneously.
    • c) After the firmware is upgraded, Aurga reboots and the Wi-Fi LED turns on.
    • If Aurga fails to load firmware or the firmware is corrupted. The two LEDs blinks one by one.

Live Demo Uploaded!

6 Mar 2018

We're excited to tell you that we just uploaded the Live Demo!!! Please have a look!

Watch Live Demo

Aurga Functions Upgraded!

12 Feb 2018

2 Exciting News!

First, a major improvement of Aurga has been made on the compatibility of Sony cameras! We've successfully implemented Sony ILCE-6300 in the latest firmware and iOS App. Now the App can change camera settings, show live view and shoot photos. We’ll test more Sony cameras and implement the recording feature on Aurga App.

But we still encounter some problems: 1. We could not change the exposure mode (manual, aperture, shutter speed, auto...) on the App, and we’ll check if other models can do this or not; 2. Once Aurga or PC controls the Sony Camera, we were unable to access the photos or videos in camera storage. We’ll keep testing more Sony cameras, and keep you guys updated about the progress.

Second, we are excited that 2 new features have implemented on Aurga App! They are Focus Stacking and Multiple-Camera-Bridging!

Focus stacking procedure was implemented on Aurga App and the algorithm that allows you to compose multiple photos into a clear photo is in development.

Multiple-Camera-Bridging was implemented to manage multiple cameras on the App. Thanks for the special design of Aurga, it's much easier to implement this feature on Aurga. To use this feature, one Aurga works as the host, while other Aurga and phones work as clients. The next thing is to implement shooting with multiple cameras simultaneously or by a pattern.